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Named one of Washington, D.C.’s great places to work the award-winning Glen Echo Group is the go-to for clients looking for strategic, cutting-edge, creative communications. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an office in the rapidly growing tech hub of Chicago, the Glen Echo Group integrates technology policy expertise, media relations, coalition building, event planning, content creation, branding and social media into highly creative and compelling campaigns for clients across the New Economy—Fortune 500 and the smallest of start-ups alike. No matter the client, issue or objective, we deliver. And we always do so with the same philosophy: We listen. We think. We create. We win.

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With Sprint in her back pocket and the zombie of Net Neutrality firmly behind her (and we all know that zombies never die), a reluctant entrepreneur readies herself to make the world safe for the disrupters, the dreamers and the creators – all from the back of a Bethesda Starbucks.

Media streaming had just reached a commercial audience, the iPhone 4 was a thing and the FCC delivered a National Broadband Plan to Congress.


On March 20, 2011, a major announcement sent shockwaves through the industry – AT&T announced it would acquire fellow nationwide carrier and competitor, T-Mobile, for $39 billion.

Wireless competitors feared this transaction would cripple competition in the wireless market by eliminating one of the most innovative and affordable nationwide carriers. To stop the deal, the red-headed entrepreneur was joined by now COO and comms expert, Katie Barr. (Spoiler alert: they won.)

And we got a real office.


On January 18, 2012, the Internet went dark in a series of coordinated protests against two proposed laws in the United States Congress—the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act, otherwise known as SOPA-PIPA. The Glen Echo Group worked with users, companies and the Internet – really – to save the Internet and SOPA is now a verb. Nobody wants to be SOPA-ed. 

We won our first Silver Anvil for Public Affairs and the world learned just how much fun it is to be a teen, unimpressed.


In 2013, with patent trolls, immigration reform and a legal challenge to the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet Order driving the tech policy conversation, the Glen Echo Group grew in size, adding telecom and tech policy vet Ellen Satterwhite to the fold. 

This is the year Wi-Fi got a federal advocate. WifiForward was born, an ad hoc coalition of unlicensed and shared spectrum users working in partnership with Comcast, Charter, NCTA, Google as well as public interest and free market stalwarts like Public Knowledge, New America’s OTI, the American Library Association and the R Street Institute among others. WifiForward made Wi-Fi cool again, no longer the red-headed stepchild of spectrum.  

Maura, a red-headed stepchild herself, has her lower back rebuilt in titanium and Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o gets Catfished though it will be a few years before that’s a verb.


This is the year U2 totally miscalculated how much we wanted to hear its music, creepily inserting its single into every Apple Music user’s account. (Also the year we got this meme.) 

As Glen Echo Group continued to grow, we created the first full day policy gathering at SXSW with our partners CTA, the Consumer Technology Association. The first event featured “panel bombing,” beer and breakfast tacos and live policy conversations. We think that had something to do with Maura Corbett being named PRNEWS’ Woman of the Year. But we’re biased — and maybe buzzed.

Patent Trolls escaped the Innovation Act, the Obama Administration legalized cell phone unlocking and a federal court declared the 2010 version of net neutrality rules unenforceable, setting up for a wild 2015.


In 2015, an uglier side of tech rose to international prominence with Gamergate and a fight with fewer consequences broke out over The Dress. 

While the FTC held its first ever workshop on the Sharing Economy (how quaint) and the Tom Wheeler-led FCC issued new rules for Net Neutrality, the Glen Echo Group dove in. Bolstered by our new colleagues Courtney Cowper and Kris Carpenter, the team worked hard for pro-competitive policies in intellectual property, information access and broadband. 

Do you remember?: Schools, libraries and hospitals were subject to anti-competitive broadband practices. We had to bring attention to this special access issue over objections from the nation’s top telecom providers. So we designed a campaign parodying pharma ads to explain “broadband access control” – a terrible fictional disease – and its cure, COMPETIFY.


As Maura is fond of saying, “Leon’s Getting LARGER!” and we needed a bigger office in 2016 to accommodate new team members including design specialist Wren Dillingham. After a very loud month in a WeWork, we were treated to a sparkling new space with beer and cold brew on tap as well as plenty of spots to collaborate, create and convene. 

While the year is a bit of a blur, we remember: Maura was named to DC Inno’s 50onFire and had both her jaws rebuilt in titanium, we won an award for our policy work on COMPETIFY, the British public voted to call a research vessel Boaty McBoatface and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.


If it’s a year that begins in “2” there’s likely another telecom merger on the horizon, this time AT&T hoping to buy Time Warner. We’ll spoil this one for you: after a lengthy court battle, the acquisition is approved.

In 2017, policymakers took a run at platforms with twin bills (SESTA and FOSTA) ostensibly designed to stop sex trafficing but debate around these bills became muddled by misinformation. It’s one of the issues that we explored in TechFreedom’s Back to the Future of Policy Summit which covered topics across the internet ecosystem. 

Not to be outdone, we partnered with Mozilla to design and produce the first Cyber(in)security event, bringing together our extensive network of cyber experts and clients for a thought-provoking look at the future of policy. 

We hired our first Hoosier, Nick Calderon. And we celebrated the first Glen Echo Group marriage between #2 hire Katie Barr and former #3 hire Jake DiGregorio. And something must have been in the air because we got awards for: CEO of the year, being a great place to work and a campaign for Reporters Without Borders.


An auditory illusion (is it Yanny or Laurel?) swept the nation and the Glen Echo Group added 6; Amy Schatz, TJ Chase, Anne Keeney, Charlie Vinopal, Emma Christman and Lori Jeppe all joined our team. 

The team hosted the first Wi-Fi Summit, featuring members of Congress, FCC Commissioners and industry leaders talking about the growth of this experimental tech into something that powers the economy. (Also, it’s Wi-Fi 6 now, not 802.11ax, update your address books.)

We opened our Chicago Office and expanded our cybersecurity practice, working with some of the top names in the field under the aegis of the Hewlett Cyber Initiative.


It’s a BOY! And another BOY! The Glen Echo Group aunties and uncles welcomed John “Jack” Joseph DiGregorio and Quin Thomas Chase this year. (Their parents are doing fine, but hardly the point.)

We were honored to work with the Free Speech Center at the University of California, Irvine to throw the inaugural #SpeechMatters conference on all things, you guessed it, free speech. 

To round out our truly #blessed year, we had to throw a party celebrating… ourselves! Named to Washingtonian’s and Washington Business Journal’s best places to work lists, we figured we should dust off the dancing shoes and celebrate with many of you.


….despite everything, there was a lot of good. Maura continued her pursuit of the bionic woman and had her neck rebuilt in titanium, which also gave her the ability to see everything her children are doing at all times. We achieved some extraordinary wins for Wi-Fi in a year where everyone realized how much we rely upon it, we worked with the country’s leading cybersecurity experts, magically (and quickly) produced dozen of virtual events, launched a number of coalitions and even had a few pets and toddlers Zoom-bomb our press conferences.

The COVID-19 pandemic sent our staff home for the foreseeable future on March 12, 2020. We watched from our homes and the streets as people were moved to the streets to protest for greater equality and justice. And we experienced the little joys and grief of life a little differently, just like so many people around the world. 

When the pandemic sent us home, we launched The Good News Echo — a way to connect with each other, with stories of people and tech doing good in the world. It’s truly at the core of the work we have been privileged to do over the past 10 years. Thank you for coming with us on the journey.

through the years:

PRNEWS’ Agency Elite Top 100 2020

WWPR Woman Of The Year 2019

2 Great Place to Work Awards 2019

First Glen Echo Group Babies 2018

Chicago Office is opened 2018

PRNEWS’ Pro Bono Campaign of the Year 2017

First Glen Echo Group Marriage 2017

Office Renovation 2016

5 Year Anniversary 2015

PRNEWS’ Woman of the Year 2014

PRSA Public Affairs Campaign Of The Year 2012

Glen Echo Group is born 2010


2019: Steptoe Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report

“We had the opportunity to design and curate the inaugural annual diversity report for Steptoe. This was the first diversity report our firm created and it was an amazing experience getting the opportunity to do a deep dive on their programs,  affinity groups and cultural celebrations. This was a unique way of storytelling that allowed us to flex new creative muscles and showcase Steptoe’s many layers through our lenses. This is my favorite because it was the first client I took the lead on by myself and it allowed us to beautifully share the importance of diversity in the workplace through smart design.



2017: TechFreedom Back to the Future of Policy Summit

“This project was particularly enjoyable for our design team. We were challenged to convey the concept of analyzing past decisions through a current and future perspective. We used the idea of vision distortion through overlapping and polarized lenses represented by colors and diagonal lines. The final result was a retro-futuristic burst of colors and shapes that created a nostalgic and fun look and feel for the day-long summit.”



2018: Reporters Without Borders Protect Press Freedom Ad Campaign

“One of the first print design projects I took on when starting at Glen Echo Group were these ads that promoted freedom of the press. This is a favorite of mine because I remember being excited to show my work to my new team, they were being used for a great cause, and on top of that, they ended up running in USA Today.”



2011: NetCoalition SOPA/PIPA Campaign

“While our firm was still in its infancy, we were able to defeat two terrible pieces of legislation that would do significant damage to the open internet, educating and rallying together allies from both inside the beltway and across the entire Internet community.

Not only was the fight critical to the future of the open internet but it was an important win for our young firm as we worked to prove to the industry that we were here to stay.”



2019: Mozilla Foundation Reporter briefings on DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

I love to get nerdy for a good cause and doing a deep dive on a new internet standard that protects online privacy was the perfect project. I got to staff the Mozilla CTO for D.C. reporter meetings and help brief a number of journalists on how DoH works and why turning it on by default was an important step for building privacy into the internet by design.

Senior Associate


2014 – Current: WifiForward Coalition

I love working with so many different companies, public interest groups, free market think tanks and advocates on behalf of something we all benefit so much from: Wi-Fi!”

Vice President


2020 – Current: Tech on the Rocks with Gigi Sohn

“The “Tech on the Rocks” podcast was the first real client-facing project I was able to take the lead on. It was a fantastic opportunity to put my production skills to work and allowed me to continue to build my press outreach abilities. It was exciting and enjoyable to be able to lead Glen Echo’s first foray into podcast production. This opportunity has taught me a lot and given me the firsthand experience necessary to  help me hone my client management skills!”



2020: Fiber Broadband Association Congressional Testimony Prep 

Broadband supports everything we do, but many Americans don’t have access to high-speed networks. 

In January 2020, we helped to prepare the President & CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association to share this important message with the nation’s key decision makers in the Senate Commerce Committee. We profiled Committee members, predicted lines of questioning and wrote punchy talking points to get her ready. And she nailed it!



2019: Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative – I Am The Cavalry Website Redesign

As part of our work for the Hewlett Foundation, we’ve had an opportunity to work with the all-volunteer I Am The Cavalry, which is an organization of cybersecurity professionals trying to make the internet safer. The group’s website hadn’t been updated in forever because they didn’t have time. As part of our work for them, we helped them build an all-new site that really showcases all of the amazing things they do to help ensure connected cars and medical devices are safer for consumers.”

Vice President


2019: Iridium Communications Hamilton-Themed Presentation

Iridium’s Tom Hickey came to us with his idea of a Hamilton-themed presentation for their yearly offsite and it turned into a 2+ week labor of love that involved lots of close work with the Glen Echo Group creative team, who are second to none.

I ultimately had to hand-deliver the presentation to Tom on a flash drive, but the positive feedback from the Iridium team in the aftermath made it all worth it!”

Senior Associate


2019 & 2020: UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement #SpeechMatters Conferences

Planning and executing the UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement’s annual #SpeechMatters conferences is a thrill. 

We get the opportunity to create each event from top to bottom, start to finish, fitting every piece—the branding, programming, logistics, media and more—together in just the right way to produce a successful, memorable experience. And we get to do it all in support of the Center’s important work.”



2020: The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative Code Review Newsletter

This was the first project I ever got assigned to help with at Glen Echo Group. There are so many grantees part of the initiative doing work on a whole range of cybersecurity issues. Getting to help write the newsletter that spreads the word about all of the great work being done is super awesome – I feel like I get to learn something new every day!”



2017: Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation Tax Time Allies Hill Day

This was my first project at the Glen Echo Group and would eventually become an annual occurrence with each year being used as an opportunity to explore how we can go above and beyond to top the previous.

Senior Associate